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PrincesPsalm[The]FSThe Prince’s Psalm, my first ever romance, first ever historical, first ever Biblical epic about the sweeping love story between David, of David and Goliath fame and Prince Jonathan, the first heir to the throne of the then brand new, emerging nation of Israel, launched June 7th in print and digital versions (available in all platforms here: http://thedinnerpartyshow.com/albums/the-princes-psalm/

PurpleRoseTeaHouseThere has been a book tour going on, but it’s been online. It has taken the form of guest posts and reviews on the blogs of generous colleagues and book enthusiasts. It began at The Purple Rose Tea House with a guest post about my emotional first encounter with Michelangelo’s iconic David and the lasting effects on me and my home décor here:    http://www.purpleroseteahouse.com/2016/06/08/guest-post-il-david-the-princes-psalm-by-eric-shaw-quinn/

The Novel Approach blog The Novel Approachshared my thoughts on the challenges of writing a novel I wasn’t qualified to write until I was finished writing it — Now I could teach a class!! — in which I reveal why proving what no one knows is as important as finding out what has been proven for certain. You’ll find my detailed account here: http://www.thenovelapproachreviews.com/the-princes-psalm-a-guest-post-by-author-eric-shaw-quinn/

Sarah Cradit PostAnd Then There Was Sarah . . . Cradit that is, the USA Today bestselling author of the epic House of Chrimson & Clover series, has launched the first of three tour events at her blog with a guest post from me on the few simple Biblical verses that inspired me to begin a 20 year quest to write and publish The Prince’s Psalm. My interview with Sarah premieres on her blog next week and she will publish an exclusive excerpt from The Prince’s Psalm there the week following. Catch up and stay tuned for more at: https://sarahcradit.wordpress.com/2016/07/05/the-eric-shaw-quinn-series-part-1-of-3-a-guest-post-from-eric/

There’ve even been a couple A Phone Call From Anne Riceof stops on the blog tour right here at EricShawQuinn.com about how Anne Rice threatened me into pursuing my dream project and a the tale of the development of a cover worthy of the labor of love that is The Prince’s Psalm. I hope everyone else is enjoying this digital tour as much as I am.

https://ericshawquinn.com/2016/07/01/a-phone-call-from-anne-rice/ & https://ericshawquinn.com/2016/06/22/cover-story-the-princes-psalm/

On the one hand I love doing a book tour while sealed in my excessively air conditioned office (I’ve been having a hot flash since the mid-80s) and working on Down Low, the latest in my Write Murder mystery series featuring the worst sleuths in murder mystery lit – bitterly scorned, celebrity ghostwriter Paige Blanche & and his nemesis Angela Panderson the aging, washed-up, has-been TV star who ruined Paige’s life. Meet them then in Write Murder http://thedinnerpartyshow.com/albums/write-murder/

That other hand though? I do miss seeing people in person to talk about the stories and character’s that’ve been trapped in my head with real people who’ve been kind enough to read my novels. And, I still haven’t worked out how to get people’s books signed on a digital tour. I will be signing The Prince’s Psalm Ripped Bodice Event Flyerand my other books live and in person at The Ripped Bodice bookstore in Culver City California Sunday, July 17th at 1pm in an event featuring bestselling authors Christopher Rice (http://thedinnerpartyshow.com/christopher-rice-books/) and Damon Suede (http://www.damonsuede.com/author.html) who’ve kindly allowed me to join them at their event. So if you can make it, I’d love to see you and sign your copy of The Prince’s Psalm if you’d like.

But to the clever digital wizards out there (or just the digitally better informed) please invent a way PrincesPsalm[The]_FBprofile_smallto sign books digitally. Meanwhile, hope to see you Sunday July 17th at The Ripped Bodice and, I hope, a book lover’s venue near you very soon!






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Ripped Bodice EventPrincesPsalmCover

I will be signing The Prince’s Psalm at The Ripped Bodice bookstore on Sunday July 17th at 1:00pm, with the fabulous Damon Suede and the vivacious Christopher Rice. There will be games and mimosas and books and general foolishness, apparently. Not your grandma’s book signing! If you’re in the area it would be great to see you!






For Details:


Get your copy of The Prince’s Psalm here: http://thedinnerpartyshow.com/albums/the-princes-psalm/

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Before                                          After


My Cover 2PrincesPsalm[The]FSFont

The Prince’s Psalm is very much a passion project for me. I spent years painstakingly researching every detail and choosing every word. So when it came time to decide on art for the cover, I wanted something that would not only capture the essence of the story inside, but be worthy of it. But my ardor for the project did not immediately translate into a clear notion of what do about the cover.

In other words, I had no idea what to do about the cover.

Clearly, we all know what David looks like. We don’t, really, but Michelangelo’s masterpiece has forever become the iconic image of David, though the statue probably more closely resembles the Tuscan model who posed for it. Still, other than the Mona Lisa, there is really no other artistic portrait of an individual that is known to more people, and for better or worse – I’d say better – it is who we all see when we discuss David. Since my novel attempts to tell small part of David’s story, the only thing I knew for sure was that Michelangelo’s David had to be on the cover.

So with pictures of the David and details from the story, I tried to write up a description that would inspire the cover artist. She designed beautiful covers. But none captured the novel for me. DSP was committed to working with me to achieve the cover I wanted, so I got back to work. I tried to explain my general vision more, and I got more beautiful covers, but the designs got farther away from the emotional terrain I was shooting for. After a couple more rounds, Paul Richmond, the head of design at DSP, suggested that I take some time to look through other book covers and see what jumped out at me.

I didn’t find anything specific, but I found inspiration.

I realized that while we all think of Michelangelo’s iconic statue when we think of David, the man, The Prince’s Psalm is about seeing David in a way that we don’t usually think of him, even though the story has been there in plain sight in 1 Samuel for thousands of years. I had it. I tried once again to describe what I thought the cover should look like. More beautiful covers arrived in my in-box, but none were what I’d tried to describe. I felt terrible. I worried that I was wasting the time of the wonderful designers who were creating beautiful cover after beautiful cover.

Then it occurred to me, words were not the way to describe what I was seeing. I got out the tape and scissors. I printed out found artwork from the internet and after a few attempts achieved the “Before” image above. Okay, now be nice. I was just trying to explain my idea in a way that the designers might finally understand.

I sent it to Paul and it worked better than I thought. He was inspired! He took on the project personally. There were a couple more drafts as we worked out the images and fonts, but it came together beautifully, I think. (See After, above) I couldn’t be happier with the results. Thanks, Paul, for your patience. Thanks, DSP, for your commitment. Thanks, Michelangelo, for pretty much every single solitary thing you ever did. But mostly, thank you David for your inspiration for The Prince’s Psalm.

Get your own copy of Paul’s beautiful cover and as a bonus my novel free with purchase!




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The Purple Rose Tea House!


The David 10Thanks to Charlie for saving a table at her Purple Rose Tea House for The Prince’s Psalm and my guest post on her excellent blog!

Check out Charlie’s lovely salon for romanctic fiction and authors and the story of my first meeting with    Il David. It was love at first sight and I haven’t quite gotten over him. (Am I stalking?) I like to think he watches over my every keystroke. There are lots more pictures of my ever expanding collection of Davids on Charlie’s blog.

And if you haven’t gotten your copy of The Prince’s Psalm it is now available in eBook and print formats from various sources here http://thedinnerpartyshow.com/albums/the-princes-psalm/  and, of course, at The Purple Rose Tea House! Thanks, Charlie!

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Pre-Order your copy today!  http://thedinnerpartyshow.com/albums/the-princes-psalm/

Coming June 7th!!

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Order your copy today!!  http://thedinnerpartyshow.com/albums/the-princes-psalm/ https://www.dsppublications.com/books/the-princes-psalm-by-eric-shaw-quinn-277-b

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Prince's Psalm Copyright Promo Shot

Look what came in the mail today!

I’m working with a designer on the cover, the layout and design of the text is underway and I’m off to get a haircut this week for my author photo. The Prince’s Psalm is well underway.

News about pre-sales soon!!

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Lucky 13 — the number of the latest draft of The Prince’s Psalm — is off to the excellent editors at DSP/Dreamspinner.  More on pre-sales and the June release dates as I find out.

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