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So the activist judges on the Supreme Court, in service to their corporate overlords, this week advanced the causes of gun companies and the people who love them.

I say they haven’t gone far enough.  I would like to propose the formation of the Second Amendment Advancement Foundation for Equality (SAAFFE).  This organization would raise money to purchase weapons for inner city youth and other, similar, highly motivated gun owners.  Once armed, the formerly oppressed would be trained in weapons use so that they can exercise their rights more accurately.

Our foundation would then relocate these liberated and skilled SAAFFE gun owners to the towns and neighborhoods of such civil rights advocates as the five supreme court justices who freed them.  We believe SAAFFE gun recipients should live right next door to folks like Nevada Senate Candidate Sharon Angle who thinks we should use guns to get our way when voting doesn’t work out or Georgia Congressmen Paul Broun who told an open carry gun owners rally held respectfully on the anniversary of the Oklahoma City terrorist bombing to “declare war against oppression and against socialism.”  And of course, we would be sure that SAAFFE gun recipients live in close proximity to all the officers, executives and spokespeople for the NRA so that they might set an example for our heavily armed youth and SAAFFE citizens.


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