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The Dinner Party Show — Now on Video! Here’s the last word on 2012 and the first on 2013 from TDPS News! Happy New Year to all from everyone at www.TheDinnerPartyShow.com ! Subscribe to our YouTube channel today and start the New Year off right!!

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Wishing you all the best on this special day, throughout the holidays

and in the New Year!  May all your wishes come true —

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Supreme Court Will Hear Pro8 Doma

Go Supremes

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Rotate Img_0070

Greater Christmasville rises from the glitter snow again!!

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Happy Thanksgiving!

This year, I have so much to be thankful for, I baked 22 turkeys!  Hope you’re loving and celebrating your life today and every day –

All best wishes,


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Hope you caught the Dinner Party Show Premiere last Sunday, 11/11. But If you got a better offer, it’s not too late. You can still listen in and you have choices.

You can listen to the encore now playing on the streaming player which can be launched on every page at www.TheDinnerPartyShow.com . Or you can listen or download the episode for free on The Dinner Party Show Library page http://thedinnerpartyshow.com/2012/11/the-dinner-party-show-episode-1-feat-anne-rice/. Or you can download the show for free at iTunes https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/the-dinner-party-show/id574670621 . Better yet subscribe so you’re sure not to miss one exciting episode.

We’re having a ball making the show. Join the fun. We look forward to hearing what you think at the site and on our Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/TheDinnerPartyShow where you can interact with our studio guests live on the air Sunday’s during the show.

There’s a brand new show premiering this Sunday, November 17th, with special guests New York Times bestselling author Greg Hurwitz and our favorite gossip Trent Vanegas creator of the super hot gossip website Pink is the new Blog.  Find out more at http://thedinnerpartyshow.com/guest/ . They’ll be here along with the usual suspects, Christopher Rice and me 8pm EST/ 5pm PST. Hope you can join the party.

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It’s Premiere Day!  Join the Party, Live!! Tonight The Dinner Party Show with Christopher Rice and Eric Shaw Quinn Premieres at 8pm EST/ 5pm PST 11/11.

For now, here’s a peek Behind the Scenes. http://youtu.be/QqUk-sdZCp4

See you at the table!

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From Shea Butters, alleged “help”/Butler for The Dinner Party Show:

Gentle Viewer,

YouTube possesses the dubious distinction of both making people famous for their stupidity while capitalizing on our stupidity for watching them.  No matter how infamous these “characters” of “your tubes” have become, it is my most heartfelt prayer that they never grace The Dinner Party Show table with their insidious presence.  My deepest fear is that, if the show is, shall we say, less than successful, any one of these video celebrifools could be our next guest.  Believe me, my charges, Eric and Christopher are challenge enough for any manservant.  Therefore, I am pleading with you, please do listen in. And, I implore you, chime in if you can. What remains of what is left of my sanity depends on your cooperation.
The show is LiveCast each Sunday at 8 PM Eastern/ 5 PM Pacific at TheDinnerPartyShow.com.


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Excellent service makes good dinner parties into great dinner parties.  At The Dinner Party Show, we’ve got our butler Shea and despite that, we think the show will do pretty well.  When he isn’t sniping at one of us or serving up a steaming tray of attitude, he’s actually really difficult to get along with so he fits right in around here.

Shea is in charge of invitations to our upcoming and subsequent Dinner Party Shows and you may rely on him to keep you posted on upcoming events and our past faux pas.  At The Dinner Party Show, Everyone Gets Served and, thanks to Shea, that includes us!

Here is his latest “helpful” little blog post about our premiere on Sunday November 11, at 8pm EST/ 5pm PST.  http://thedinnerpartyshow.com/2012/11/the-dinner-party-show-seating-begins-november-11th/ Hope you’ll join us then and on upcoming Sundays at the same time each week.

With deepest gratitude,

Eric Shaw Quinn

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