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On Writing The Prince's Psalm - reference materialsThe Prince’s Psalm was a labor of love and as much as I love it, I still think that the accent is on labor. My guest post at The Novel Approach details a bit of what I learned as I set out to research and capture the epic love story of David and Jonathan with as much fidelity as I could manage.

Their love and courage not to mention the considerable help of friends, editors and the miracle that is the Internet helped keep me going as I hit countless brick walls on the way to hearing the music that became The Prince’s Psalm.

Copies of The Prince’s Psalm it are now available in eBook and print formats from various sources here http://thedinnerpartyshow.com/albums/the-princes-psalm/  and at The Novel Approach!


The Purple Rose Tea House!


The David 10Thanks to Charlie for saving a table at her Purple Rose Tea House for The Prince’s Psalm and my guest post on her excellent blog!

Check out Charlie’s lovely salon for romanctic fiction and authors and the story of my first meeting with    Il David. It was love at first sight and I haven’t quite gotten over him. (Am I stalking?) I like to think he watches over my every keystroke. There are lots more pictures of my ever expanding collection of Davids on Charlie’s blog.

And if you haven’t gotten your copy of The Prince’s Psalm it is now available in eBook and print formats from various sources here http://thedinnerpartyshow.com/albums/the-princes-psalm/  and, of course, at The Purple Rose Tea House! Thanks, Charlie!


It’s a book!!!

My dream project is officially a novel today!

And it came to pass… 
that the soul of Jonathan was knit with the soul of David,
and Jonathan loved him as his own soul…
Then Jonathan and David made a covenant,
because he loved him as his own soul.
1 Samuel 18:1&3

The Greatest Gay Love Story Ever Told Is In The Bible

The Prince’s Psalm is the faithful retelling of the passionate love story between Prince Jonathan, the first heir to the throne of Israel, and David, the second most famous guy in the bible and the man who would be Israel’s first King. Their love is clearly described and celebrated in the first book of Samuel in the old testament. In The Prince’s Psalm I simply retold the epic story of these warrior lovers in a modern novel that is true to every element of their love story exactly as it is described in the bible.

Join my celebration of their love and commitment to each other – get your copy today —

The Prince’s Psalm


“Emotional Powerhouse”

Kind Words from Joyfully Jay & Kenna: http://joyfullyjay.com/2016/06/review-the-princes-psalm-by-eric-shaw-quinn/

Launch Date Tuesday, June 7th – PreOrders Now Available

Amazon Print Version – http://www.amazon.com/Princes-Psalm-Eric-Shaw-Quinn/dp/1634768353/ref=la_B001KDZ6UU_1_4/?tag=t084bea-20

All Other formats and Platforms http://thedinnerpartyshow.com/albums/the-princes-psalm/




Launch Date Tuesday, June 7. Pre-Order your copy today!

Print Version – http://www.amazon.com/Princes-Psalm-Eric-Shaw-Quinn/dp/1634768353/ref=la_B001KDZ6UU_1_4/?tag=t084bea-20

Kindle Version and order information for my other books and formats – http://thedinnerpartyshow.com/albums/the-princes-psalm/

Say Uncle_300dpi

Get the new print edition of my first novel Say Uncle today at: http://thedinnerpartyshow.com/albums/say-uncle/

And, don’t forget to pre-order your copy of Prince’s Psalm, coming June 7! http://thedinnerpartyshow.com/albums/the-princes-psalm/


Pre-Order your copy today!  http://thedinnerpartyshow.com/albums/the-princes-psalm/

Coming June 7th!!


Order your copy today!!  http://thedinnerpartyshow.com/albums/the-princes-psalm/ https://www.dsppublications.com/books/the-princes-psalm-by-eric-shaw-quinn-277-b

Prince's Psalm Copyright Promo Shot

Look what came in the mail today!

I’m working with a designer on the cover, the layout and design of the text is underway and I’m off to get a haircut this week for my author photo. The Prince’s Psalm is well underway.

News about pre-sales soon!!


Lucky 13 — the number of the latest draft of The Prince’s Psalm — is off to the excellent editors at DSP/Dreamspinner.  More on pre-sales and the June release dates as I find out.

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