Editing the Prince’s Psalm — my historical romance based on the book(s) of Samuel due next June from Dreamspinner DSP. 

Write Murder Cover FinalForensic mystery icon and creator Patricia Cornwell joins the Write Murder Madness as we continue our month-long celebration of all things mysterious.  Patricia will not only be talking about her latest novel Depraved Heart but she shared the titles of her favorite mystery novels now available for purchase along with her latest and my new murder mystery novel Write Murder at http://thedinnerpartyshow.com/store/ and on our favorites page.


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You’re the Guest of Honor!


Join the party as Write Murder Madness continues on our LiveCast at 8pm ET/5pm PT at http://www.TheDinnerPartyShow.com or on our free mobile apps. And make your voice heard, leave a message on the Party Line at 323-PEZ-TDPS and listen in to see if we include it on the show! It’s not a party without out you!

Print and digital version of Write Murder are available here: http://thedinnerpartyshow.com/albums/write-murder/ And if you make your purchase through TheDinnerPartyShow.com you help support the show.

TDPS-EP100415-795x442-v2Leave Your Comments and Questions at 323-PEZ-TDPS and Join The Party!

You are cordially invited to join the festivities at TheDinnerPartyShow.com when we LiveCast the launch party for my brand new, first ever, murder mystery novel Write Murder, the first in my new Write Murder Mystery Series! Leave your thoughts and questions on the Party Line at 323-PEZ-TDPS and then listen in LIVE Sunday, October 4th, 8pm ET/5pm PT at http://www.TheDinnerPartyShow.com or on our free mobile apps and find out if we use your comment and hear what everyone else had to say. The person who leaves the most original congratulatory message will win a “mystery” prize. (It’s so mysterious I don’t even know what it is!) So don’t wait, leave your Write Murder Message on the Party Line now!

And of course no launch party ensemble is complete without your crisp new copy of Write Murder now available in print and digital editions here  http://thedinnerpartyshow.com/albums/write-murder/

See you at the party!

Silver Service

Your pre-order of Write Murder has been delivered!

If you don’t have a copy you can order one at http://thedinnerpartyshow.com/albums/write-murder/

And if you’re waiting on the printed version — Me Too! It has been delivered to Amazon and should become available there very soon. If you absolutely cannot wait 1st, thank you and 2nd you can order direct from Create Space https://www.createspace.com/5748812 but your Amazon benefits won’t apply I don’t think. You can also get the book from Kobo https://store.kobobooks.com/en-us/ebook/write-murder  & I promise to keep you posted and let you know as more buying options like Barnes & Noble become available. Meanwhile, enjoy! And if you feel like it, post a review on the Amazon page and tell people what you thought of the book. It’ll really help me out and I’d really appreciate it!


Glossy Wins!

The Write Murder proofs are here. They’re both beautiful but it looks like it’s going to be glossy (hope you matte fans will still order your copy when they go on sale tomorrow!) Even Christopher Rice, who was totally all about matte, had to agree.

I’m working on getting the iBook and Nook options ready and I’m planning to launch those at midnight along with the glossy, beautiful, print-on-demand version pictured above.  Of course, you can pre-order your digital copy here right now and start eReading at midnight: http://thedinnerpartyshow.com/albums/write-murder/.

So, more about Write Murder and the new mystery series soon, I’ve got books to publish!

Happy Launch Week!

Write Murder Cover Final

Write Murder Launch – Thursday October 1st!!

Write Murder, my first ever murder mystery, launches this Thursday. It’s the first in a series of the same name that I’m currently working on. Write Murder is the story of Paige Blanche and Angela Panderson, the two most unlikely amateur detectives I could think of, but the real star of the Write Murder Mystery Series is this wonderful very singular city where I’ve lived for most of my life. More about Paige and Angel and Write Murder soon. In fact there’ll be a whole book about them out this Thursday!

Pre-Order your copy at: http://thedinnerpartyshow.com/albums/write-murder/

Book Cover Pic

What do you think!

Only five more days till the print edition is available on Amazon! Just got this new cover back from the designer. Glossy or Matte finished? What do you think?

You can pre-order your digital copy today from Amazon


or Kobo


Or you can get what my friend Pam Covais calls a “Book, Book” on Thursday, October 1!

Hello Kobo!


Write Murder Now Available for Pre-Order at Kobo!

You can now pre-order your copy of Write Murder from Kobo:


And of course you can pre-order at Amazon:  http://tinyurl.com/oksen7t and The Dinner Party Show http://thedinnerpartyshow.com/albums/write-murder/

I’m working on making Write Murder available through Barnes & Noble and iBooks as well as the Print-on-Demand version for the non-eReader.

More on those soon!


Write Murder Cover Final

I just clicked the button to upload the final, full, official version of Write Murder, my first ever murder mystery and the first in my new Write Murder mystery series. Thrilling and terrifying to share something I care this much about with the rest of the world. Hope you love it as much as I do, world!

Pre-Order Your Copy and help support The Dinner Party Show @: http://thedinnerpartyshow.com/albums/write-murder/

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