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The problem with poor people is that they just don’t have a good lobby in congress.

Why should law makers pass unemployment benefits for people who are not going to be able to contribute to their campaigns? And who wants to give healthcare to people who don’t have any money to begin with? Where are the Senator’s free trips and the Congressional golfing junkets? Missing are the lunches, the awards, the gifts.  How do the poor and the unemployed ever expect to get ahead if they don’t pull themselves up by their bootstraps and put together their own multi-million dollar PACs to fund educating Senators and Congressmen?

It is so irritating that elected officials are burdened with the needs of those who cannot take care of themselves.  Who is supposed to take care of our elected officials?

You need a majority to win, so why help minorities? And you need millions to buy advertising, hire campaign consultants, build war chests and acquire retirement property.  Why help poor people? Clearly they can’t help congress.  As if someone goes to all the trouble of getting elected to office, just to help people.

Senate candidate Sharron Angle points out that the unemployed in this country are just spoiled.  Senator Orrin Hatch reminds us that extending unemployment benefits, is just enabling their drug use.  It is no surprise that Senators and Congresswomen too numerous to mention individually think that making conglomerates like BP put aside money to pay for the damage they’ve caused through their reckless practices and fraudulent oil lease applications only provides money to the poor and unemployed.  This kind of “slush fund” “shakedown,” they tell us, deprives those elected to office of the vast pools of special interest money that make America what it is today.

Thank goodness the Non-Activist judges on the Supreme Court have used their royal powers for more than deciding national elections.  Their Highnesses have not only pointed out our old constitution is  “dead,” they have amended it to make sure that giant corporations and wealthy individuals can provide members of the US Senate and Congress with the unlimited contributions that might otherwise be wasted on the poor and unemployed.

Washington’s advice to the poor and unemployed in this country?

“Get a PAC or start drilling for oil.”

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